IT trends for 2015: Power Systems, security and flash-as-memory


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These three technologies will continue to evolve in 2015.

Unlike some of the larger IT research and analysis firms that place analysts into confined “specialty” areas, we at Clabby Analytics are free to research whatever topics we choose across the broad spectrum of IT systems and software. A few years ago, for instance, I focused heavily on mainframe technology and converged systems; this past year, on security, Flash and Power Systems. Here is a look back at a few technology trends from 2014 that will make an even bigger impact in 2015.


2014 was the year that many enterprises have started to really concentrate on security – as dozens of large companies have experienced major security intrusions (including Home Depot, Target, Apple – and most recently Sony). Billions of dollars in litigation are now at risk; enterprises see the writing on the wall and are becoming very active about reducing their security exposure.

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