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[DIR]IBM Watson The inside story of how the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer was born, and what it wants to do next - TechRepublic_files/11-May-2016 12:31 -  
[DIR]IBM Watson takes on cybercrime with new cloud-based cybersecurity technology - TechRepublic_files/13-May-2016 15:13 -  
[TXT]IBM_Watson_The_inside_story_of_how_the_Jeopardy-winning_supercomputer_was_born_and_what_it_wants_to_do_next.htm28-Apr-2016 11:38 206K 
[TXT]IBM_Watson_takes_on_cyber˝rime_with_cloud_based_cybersec_technology.htm12-May-2016 10:06 136K 
[TXT]IBM_Watson_takes_on_cybercrime_with_cloud_based_cybersec_technology.htm12-May-2016 10:06 136K 
[TXT]IBM wants to replace the spreadsheet with Watson Analytics ITworld.htm17-Sep-2014 09:20 145K 
[TXT]Mayo Clinic turns to IBM's Watson to fill clinical trials ITworld.htm17-Sep-2014 09:23 148K 
[   ]This is how the future looks with IBM Watson and 'perfect data' ITworld.mht30-Sep-2015 10:12 2.8M 

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